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Attract top talent to your company with the best  benefits packages.


The ESA Card offers your employees flexible, competitive benefits. Create a strong team with an excellent benefits plan.

Healthcare Industry

While wage parity is mandatory, you can acquire new talent and highly skilled employees with great tax-free benefits in accordance to NY wage parity laws.


Offer your employees the benefits package they’d like - the ability to pay healthcare, transportation and daycare expenses, phone bills with an employer-provided plan, and more with their tax-free ESA Card.

Employee Benefits

Grant your employees tax-free benefits with the ESA Card. Employees can put a portion of their salary on the ESA Card and use it for many categories and benefits without your company withdrawing any taxes on these earnings.


Employees can pay towards their healthcare expenses, phone and Metrocard or other transit costs.

Unlimited Benefits Baskets
Multilingual Support
Online Portal and Mobile Access
Administrative Support

Unlimited Benefits Basket

The ESA Card is highly valued among employees, as there is no cap in different categories. Employees can use as much or as little of their benefits as they’d like on:


  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Cellular Phone Service
  • Optometry care
  • Dental Care
  • Child Daycare


Employees have freedom of choice in each category, which grants employees the most  of their benefits, and maximizes satisfaction.



Multilingual Support

We provide stellar support for employees in a variety of languages. Your employees can resolve any questions and issues on their own seamlessly, without any intervention required from your administrative staff.



Online Portal and Mobile Access

Your employees will be set up with an easy to use online portal and mobile app, which significantly cuts down your paperwork. They can view, manage and track their benefits independently.  Transfer of benefits will occur quickly, easily and efficiently.



Administrative Support

We have your back with prompt technical support. Call our support team whenever you have a question or issue and we’ll give you quick, effective service and answers.

The ESA Card is issued by the Expert Solutions Insurance Group. We’ve been facilitating insurance needs since 1997.


To learn more about the ESA Card or to get in touch with Expert Solutions, please reach out to us:

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